Sacha Parkinson to continue in ‘Coronation Street’

London: ‘Coronation Street’ bosses are all set to spice up Weatherfield with more girlie action.

According to reports, they are in the process of signing up Sacha Parkinson, who portrays lesbian Sian Powers, to continue in the soap into 2011.

So the viewers can expect more lesbian scenes from Sacha with Sophie Webster, played by Brooke Vincent.

And like any relationship, there will be temptations put in the way of both girls.

Sacha is expected to sign her new contract once she finishes filming the soap’s big tram crash.

“Sacha has been negotiating a new deal and is due to sign as soon as the crash scenes have been sorted,” The Daily Star quoted a ‘Corrie’ source as saying.

“She’s storylined well into next year and is one of the soap’s most popular young actresses.”

Sian’s relationship with Sophie has been one of the biggest storylines of the year and has proved a massive hit with the viewers.

“By bringing in a few more lesbians it’s only going to further spice things up. Everyone is very excited about it all,” the source added.