Salahi’s ‘Real Housewives…’ co-star doubts her

Washington: Michaele Salahi’s ‘Real Housewives of Washington D.C.’ co-star Cat Ommanney doubts claims made by the “White House Party Crasher” that she has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for 17 years, attributing her extremely thin appearance to her battle with the disease.

“We were wondering whether she meant BS rather than MS. MS is a very serious disease and I wouldn’t want to mock that, it just seems ironic,” Fox News quoted Ommanney as saying.

“Every day they seem to wake up in bed with each other and say “what kind of stunt shall we pull today?” I don’t know if it is all truthful, or if it’s a cry wolf situation,” Ommanney added.

But Ommanney was hardly the only critic of Salahi’s decision to reveal her battle on national television.

Nonetheless, a legal representative for Salahi said that her doctor has confirmed that she does have MS, as have her family members who have been aware of the medical condition for years.