Salma Hayek admits she eats bugs!

London: Mexican beauty Salma Hayek has confessed that she eats bugs.

The star made an appearance at the David Letterman`s chat show where she stunned the TV host with stories of how bugs were considered a delicacy back home.

"We eat bugs - and we have many recipes for some of them," The Sun quoted Hayek as saying.

"Escamoles, which are the eggs of these little ants, are amazing fried with a little guacamole. And there are many different recipes for worms," she added.

When questioned if she eats insects often, the Frida star replied, "Not routinely but, look, I`m salivating... they`re delicious."

Although Hayek has been working in Hollywood for a long time, her English still remains hilariously flawed.

Describing the rare nature of escamoles in Mexico, she added, "They`re not easy to find - they`re delicatessens."

However Letterman corrected her, "They`re delicacies. Delicatessens are easy to find."

Hayek responded, "They`re delicacies, yes - sorry."

"My French is getting a little better, but my English is getting a lot worse," she added.



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