Salman demands Rs 50 lakh to appear on Karan Johar show

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Karan Johar is leaving no stones unturned to rope in the who’s who of Bollywood for the current season of his popular talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’. Rumour has it when KJo approached Salman Khan, the actor asked for Rs 50 lakh to appear on the show.

In contrast to the usual norm of actors gracing KJo’s show for free, Salman clarified that he doesn’t want the money for himself, but for a social cause he endorses.

Speaking to a daily, a source said, “Karan had asked Bhai (Salman) to come on the show. And Bhai told him that he was willing to come on the show if he was paid. Karan pointed out that none of the celebrities were paid to be on the show. To which Salman said that even he didn`t want the money (Rs 50 lakh) for himself, but for his charity Being Human.”

The source further added, “KJo said that it was not a norm to pay actors to be on the show and the channel would not shell out big bucks for it, but he would give a personal cheque to the actor, because he was keen to have him on the show. Knowing Bhai`s sense of humour, one can`t be sure if he was serious or joking about wanting the money.”

Karan has been wooing star guests who have never been on his show before. Aamir Khan and Kiran have confirmed their presence on the show, and so did Akshay Kumar whose ‘Tees Maar Khan’ releases on ‘December 25’ receive feelers to grace the show with his wife Twinkle Khanna.

Ever since Farah interviewed Salman on a talk of different format ‘Lift Kara De’, KJo has been eager to join the ‘Dabangg’ Salman in his elusive list of actors this year.

If all goes well, Salman Khan will be seen on `Koffee With Karan`.