Salman Khan must apologise, says Shakti Kapoor

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Shakti Kapoor might have been evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 5’ but that does not mean the villain-turned-comedian has buried the hatchet with Salman Khan.

Apparently, Shakti Kapoor not only carried himself with great dignity but also earned respect from his fellow house-mates. No doubt Shakti is a changed man today who is at peace with himself.

Talking to a daily about his stay in Bigg Boss house and his relation with Salman Khan, the actor said, “I`ve become more patient now, and value my family more than ever. I enjoyed my stay in the house, where my signing amount was much more than the winner`s booty, and my weekly payment was as much as any inmate`s total stay package. But now, I see people doing all kinds of antics for TRPs. In fact, there you have to survive in weird situations with hardly any sleep or enough food. So, many people react wildly in those adverse circumstances. I`m glad I`m out, but I really want Siddharth to win the show.”

Speaking about his equations with Salman Khan, Shakti revealed, “Salman Khan owes me an apology! Firstly, he and Sanjay Dutt didn`t greet me, whereas they had accorded this courtesy to all the inmates. And then Salman said `Bigg Boss ko man-na padega! Shakti Kapoor jaise logon ko apne ghar bulaya, hum toh kabhi na bulayen!` I would like to tell him that even if he invites me to his house, I may not want to go there! He made those scathing remarks without any provocation, so he has to say sorry!”

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