Sara Khan is amused by Swami Agnivesh!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Remember Sara Khan? The actress who first appeared in ‘Sapna Babul Ka…Bidai’ and then married live on national television in ‘Bigg Boss’ only to get divorce soon after.

Sara, who now features in Zee’s ‘Ram Milaayi Jodi’has much to say about season five of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Speaking to a daily, the petite actress admitted that she was regularly following the reality show and found it amusing that Swami Agnivesh was preaching inside the house.

"I am a blunt person. Please give us a break. If Swami Agnivesh really wants to preach such stuff, he should do it outside the house. Do you think the contestants are there in the house to listen and conduct themselves according to him? We might be watching an idiot box but we are no idiots to believe all this. I just feel like laughing when I listen to all this that this Swami is saying. And why should he be allowed to stay in a separate room? Isn`t everyone supposed to be equal inside the House?" said Sara.

When she was asked if the show was scripted, the actress denied and said, “Nothing is scripted. I can vouch for that. It`s people inside who make it seem like that.”

Sarah raised eyebrows when she married her long time beau Ali Merchant inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house is not on talking terms with him anymore. The couple divorced soon after coming out of the house.

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