Sarandon plays paedophile on ‘30 Rock’

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2011, 17:38 PM IST

London: Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon made a cameo appearance on the hit NBC comedy ‘30 Rock’, taking on a surprising new role – as a sex offender.

She made her return to the small screen playing a teacher who had an affair with an underage student.

The 64-year-old played the role of Lynn Onkman, ‘educator/sex offender’, who had an affair with Francis ‘Frank’ Rossitano when he was just 14, reports the Daily Mail.

In the episode she appeared back in his life and the pair planned a relationship reunion.

“The boy that I fell in love with was the most amazing eight grader that I’ve ever met,” she told him.

The pair took part in an awkward scene during which a woman pole danced as they sat a table and catch up over coffee.