‘Satyamev Jayate’: Aamir Khan talks about dowry

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Marriages are made in heaven- this is what most of us say and believe in. But what about those business transactions that are made under the garb of so called marital union? This is exactly what Aamir Khan discusses on this mega public forum called ‘Satyamev Jayate’ this Sunday.

After having spoken about female foeticide and child sex abuse in the first and second episode respectively, Aamir Khan raises the very famously practiced tradition of dowry and the scar that it leaves on innocent women.

Not that the Indian society wasn’t aware of this awful practice but the way it was dealt with on the show is worth applause. On one hand there was an outburst of real life cases where women were used as a medium to extract more wealth from her parents while on the other a solution every girl and her family can adopt to keep away from humiliation.

One such community that has shunned the practice of dowry is the Tanzeem Khuddam-E-Millat that believes in “No band, no baaja, no baraat” and stands by the thought that marriages should be simple. Even Bhiwandi in Maharashtra follows the same practice. The founder of the initiative titled Tanzeem Khuddam-E-Millat applauded Aamir for his noble efforts and being a descendant of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a true patriot and an Indian.

However, the shows highlight was a middle class girl from Mumbai who fought all odds to have a non-dowry marriage organized for herself.

Rani Tripathi from Mumbai, dared her prospective husband and in-laws by video-taping their dowry demands and showing it to the public with the help of media. Her family stood by her through thick and thin and decided to get her married to someone who wouldn’t ever ask for dowry.

Rani’s wedding was dreamlike as she found her life partner, Pawan Tripathi who fell in love with her courage and proposed to her for marriage after sending in an application on seeing her on television.

By bringing Rani on ‘Satyamev Jayate’, Aamir has indeed helped a number of women and families to gather courage and take a leaf from her book.

And at the end, Aamir asks if marriages have become business transactions in India where more than a union of two souls, barter takes place which leaves the women wounded.

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