Shah Rukh Khan receives elderly couple`s blessings

Updated: Jul 06, 2013, 17:51 PM IST

Mumbai: A comedy show usually leaves one with laughter, but superstar Shah Rukh Khan went through an emotional moment on ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ when he received blessings from an elderly couple on the set.

While everybody in the audience was mesmerised by the 47-year-old`s charm, one couple in the crowd got up and blessed him.

Shah Rukh became emotional especially since the day of the shoot, July 1, coincided with actor`s late mother`s birth anniversary. Shah Rukh`s parents had passed away when he was quite young.

The couple told King Khan that he should never feel alone, and that their blessings will always be with him.

The actor stood up immediately and shared that it was actually his mother`s birth anniversary that day. He then went over to the couple in the audience to seek their blessings.