Shah Rukh Khan steals TV show from Saif Ali Khan

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The news of Shah Rukh Khan returning to TV was out in the open but what remained under wraps was the fact that the project was initially offered to Saif Ali Khan. SRK will be seen hosting a water-based adventure sport show, ‘Wipeout’. Buzz has it that the producers of the show were in talks with Saif, but the latter was quite apprehensive about the same.

Talking to a tabloid, a source close to the channel on which the show is scheduled to air revealed, “Saif could not make up his mind. He was a bit sceptical about acting in a TV show.”

And since Saif was indecisive about the offer and was taking too long to reciprocate, the channel decided to approach some other star. Eventually, they spoke to King Khan, who jumped at the offer.

“Shah Rukh grabbed the opportunity. He loved the concept of the show,” said a source.

The team producing the show is glad to have locked SRK for the show. “SRK brings a lot of energy on the table. But the channel would definitely love to work with Saif in future,” added the source.

However, Samir Nair, the channel’s head denied these reports and said, “Really? I don’t know about this.”

The show, ‘Wipeout’ will be an Indian version of an American game show about water sports. Over 30 countries worldwide have adopted the format and now India ventures into a thrilling reality show.

Famous TV personalities are believed to have been roped in for the show. Though the two superstars in question remained unavailable for comment, we hope they don’t hold any grudges against one another.

Now, will Saif cry foul for declining the offer if the show turns out to be a super success? Let’s to wait and watch!