Shobna Gulati quit `Coronation Street` due to racism, depression

Updated: Mar 10, 2013, 13:08 PM IST

London: Indian origin British actress Shobna Gulati has revealed that she had to quit the British TV soap ‘Coronation Street,’ as fame left her with bouts of depression.

The 46-year-old told the Sun that she found TV stardom so tough to handle that she used to lock herself indoors with the curtains drawn for up to a week.

The anxiety attacks were worsened by racial abuse by internet trolls and by being having so little money despite her job she struggled to pay the bills.

The actress, who needed two counsellors to cope up with her depression, even hinted that she also thought of ending it all.

Gulati announced in November that she was quitting her role of shopgirl Sunita Alahan, saying that she wanted to “focus on other projects.”

She said that her fame often felt like a living hell and made her a recluse, adding that when she handed in her resignation she knew it was the right thing.

She asserted that there are a lot of things about the ‘Street’ that she loved but there are many things that she won’t miss.

Gulati joined the long running TV series in 2001 and soon become one of its most popular stars.