Simon Cowell feared ‘X Factor’ failure after its second episode

Washington: Simon Cowell has revealed that he feared his US ‘The X factor’ would be “dead” after the second episode, following opening night ratings of just 12.4 million.

The 52-year-old music mogul, who spent 200 million pounds to launch the American version of the reality talent show, was “tense” about the ratings and feared it could be the end of the project if it lost a significant number of its 12.4 million viewers from the opening night.

“I wasn’t opening any champagne on the first day because now we had set everyone’s expectations,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“The worse thing was in the second day because if you have a 30 or 40 per cent drop off, you’re dead.

“And in fact somebody said to me, ‘If this drops off 30 per cent Simon, it’s probably going to be all over’. That is when I was tense,” he added.


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