Simon Cowell reveals new ‘cuddly pink panther’ looks in ‘X Factor’

London: Simon Cowell left everyone shocked with his cuddly ‘pink panther’ makeover during his appearance in the US ‘X Factor’ auditions recently.

Though Cowell is usually seen only in black, grey or white T-shirts, this time the 51-year-old tough-talking judge decided to turn up in a Barbie-inspired cable-knit jumper.

“I thought: ‘Did his mum knit him this and he feels obliged to wear it? Or did Simon get dressed in the dark today?’” the Daily Star quoted an American fan as saying.

“He looked like The Pink Panther. It was all very odd,” the fan added.

Insiders claim that the ‘X Factor’ boss is trying out different styles to transform himself from “nasty to nice”.

“We think Simon has seen the tone of other shows in the US, which are all about being sweet and nice,” an insider said.

“We’ve even heard his advisers have told him he needs to be more ‘cuddly and approachable’.

“This might be the sign of a new nice era for Simon Cowell,” the insider added.

Fellow judges Nicole Scherzinger, 33, and Paula Abdul, 49, have also teased him about his new wardrobe.


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