Sophie Monk wants to stop wearing two-piece swimsuit on TV

Melbourne: ‘Getaway’ presenter Sophie Monk wants to stop wearing two-piece swimsuit on television.

However, the hottie has to wait until the travel show’s new episode, in the Mexican coastal resort of Cabo, is over.

"There’s always some excuse for me to get in a bikini, and my manager told me the other day I’d need it for another job I’ve got,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

She added: “To be honest, I cannot wait for the day I can put it away with a bathing cap."

Meanwhile, the filming of her US reality TV series with the current working title, ‘Beauty And The Business’, is set to commence next month.

She said: "Everything and everyone is now in place and ready to roll. Everyone makes out, like on the Kardashian shows, that it’s so glamorous and I’m showing how it’s really done on your own when you haven’t got family with money or anything.

"I don’t have a rich husband or rich parents, it``s me living normally without the perks of celebrity. Yesterday, I had 10 paparazzi following me and people in the street stopping me asking who I was."



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