Sunny ruining the psyche of 12-year-old boys in India: Amar

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Sunny Leone’s alleged comments against Amar Upadhyay getting ‘touchy feely’ with her in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house are any day bigger news than Juhi Parmar winning the reality show.

Apparently, Amar Upadhyay is extremely angry on international porn star Sunny Leone, who tried maligning his image during the tasks in the ‘Bigg Boss 5.’

Talking to a daily, Amar was shocked by Sunny’s bizarre statements in various newspapers and magazines. Mincing no words, Amar said, “What the hell have I done to her? I merely kissed her hand in a task! And what does she think she will have to do in ‘Jism 2’? Wahan hath nahin bahut kuch kiss karenge! The fact is that XXX-porn star Sunny Leone is trying to fool Indian public! Bringing her in a family show like ‘Bigg Boss’ doesn`t augur well for Indian culture. Just read the 250-plus comments that have been posted on the Bigg Boss’ website on that particular episode of Sunny and me. Women have openly blasted her for making false accusations against me. She is ruining the psyche of 12-year-old boys in India, who are now doing Google search on her after reading about her pornographic escapades and seeing her on telly.”

“I wonder why has Sunny come to India? Kya woh yahan apne paap dhone aayi hai? After doing all those pornographic activities in front of public along with her so-called husband - who is a lukha and sporting those silly tattoos - she is now accusing me of trying to be physical with her? Excuse me! I have worked with actresses like Divya Seth, Smriti Irani, Aditi Govitrikar, Raima Sen among others. And till date, all these women adore me! I`m here in this industry for 18 years, and I have earned people`s respect as a man of character. I had participated in a game show like ‘Bigg Boss’ to play a mind-game and not to make relations or for anything else! I was angry with myself when my basic decency made me keep quiet even as I was being accused of weird things in the house because I didn`t want to disrespect a woman on national TV, even if she is a porn star,” he thundered.

In fact, Amar cautioned all the Bollywood producers from signing porn star Sunny Leone. “Hindi film producers should think 100 times before considering Sunny. Tomorrow - she may accuse them of sexual harassment for shaking hands with her! She only wants publicity,” he said.

Do these allegations by Sunny Leone disturb his wife Hetal? Amar confidently answered, “Hetal is not disturbed at all! She knows I`m a one-woman man and I love her because she has won my trust, and I value her beyond everything else!”

Let’s see what Sunny has to say about this!