Susan - a boil on cartoon’s bum!

Updated: Jul 08, 2010, 17:55 PM IST

London: `Britain`s Got Talent` singing sensation Susan Boyle has landed a new role as the boil on the bum of a cartoon character.

Boyle has featured in cult hit US show ‘Futurama’ as a bump on one-eyed alien Leela`s behind, reports a news daily.

And Susan the talking boil - voiced by Scots chat show host Craig Ferguson - even performs the singer’s worldwide smash `I Dreamed A Dream`.

Leela admits she is "ashamed" of Susan when it is discovered on her rear by fellow character Fry in the episode.

Fry screams: "Argh what the hell is that?"

When Leela says the boil is nothing, Susan shouts back, "I`m not nothing. All my life I`ve been called nothing."

And a shocked Fry says: "You named your boil Susan? Eugh - she`s Scottish!"