Swaragini: Bajirao saves Sanskar from getting killed!

Bajirao will save Sanskar from a man who attempts to attack him. Deepika will help both Sanskar and Swara realise their love for each other.

Swaragini: Bajirao saves Sanskar from getting killed!

Mumbai: Amidst all the drama created by Ragini, the makers of Swaragini will add a romantic angle to help the love between Sanskar and Swara to bloom. And to ignite the romance between the two, Bajirao Ranveer Singh and Mastani Deepika Padukone will make their presence felt.

During a promotional event staged for Swaragini, Bajirao aka Ranveer will see a goon making an attempt to attack Sanskar. On seeing the attacker, Bajirao will beat up the goon and thus save Sanskar’s life. Soon, Deepika will join him to speak Swara and Sanskar on the magic of love.

This track may help Swara to clear the misunderstanding between her and Sanskar.

Are you ready to watch Swara and Sanskar as a happy couple?

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