Swaragini: If not Swara, who kidnapped Ragini?

Swaragini- Mom and Badi Ma suspect Swara’s involvement in Ragini’s abduction.

Swaragini: If not Swara, who kidnapped Ragini?

Mumbai: Swaragini is turning out to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller! The puzzle behind Ragini’s kidnapping is yet to be solved.  She was abducted by a masked person after she was asked by Swara to leave the Maheshwari house.

Since Swara had had a fight with Ragini before she went missing, Mom (Sanskar’s mother) and Badi Ma (Lakshya’s mother) suspect the former’s involvement in the latter’s abduction.

Ragini was held captive in a dark room in the outskirts of the city. Her kidnapper, the masked person offered her water and roti to eat. As Ragini tried to get hold of the person’s hand, a thread tied around his wrist got visible to the audiences.  But since Ragini could see her kidnapper’s long hair, she believed that the person was no one else but Swara.

With great difficulty, after her kidnapper went away, Ragini succeeded in escaping. She called her father, who along with the rest of the family members reached the spot to take her home.

Even as Mom and Badi Ma held Swara guilty, the rest in the Maheshwari house did not doubt Swara.

The police, however, was confident that a family member was certainly involved. But could Swara be the culprit?

If not Swara, who could have kidnapped Ragini of Swaragini?

Adarsh- Swara had caught Adrash red-handed with his girlfriend. He could have kidnapped Ragini to put Swara in trouble and thus avenge the insult.

Uttara- Her sudden entry in the show raises a doubt over her involvement in Ragini’s kidnapping. But her motive is unknown!

Sanksar- Ragini has always troubled Swara. To teach her a lesson, Sanskar could have kidnappedd her. But why would be defame Swara?

Lakshya- He is Ragini’s duly wed husband and hates her for ruining his relationship with Swara. He could have abducted her. But he too loves Swara. Why would he something that would malign Swara’s image?

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