Swaragini: Is Lakshya taking revenge on Swara, Sanskar; did he kidnap Ragini?

Lakshya may have kidnapped Ragini to take revenge on Swara and Sanskar.

Swaragini: Is Lakshya taking revenge on Swara, Sanskar; did he kidnap Ragini?

Mumbai: The makers of Swaragini are leaving no stone unturned to keep audiences hooked to the show! The mystery behind Ragini’s kidnapping may soon be exposed.

Swara doubts Sanskar after she sees him burning the red blanket that Ragini’s kidnapper had used. She confronts him. But Ragini tells Swara that Sanskar is innocent.

Swara and Ragini unite once again to uncover the truth behind the masked person who abducted the latter.


In the precap of Thursday’s episode, we could see Lakshya removing the layer of false skin from his right arm that had marks left behind by Ragini’s scratching while she was held captive by her kidnapper.

This probably proves that Lakshya was behind Ragini’s kidnapping.

If Lakshya kidnapped Ragini, why did he use a wig to pretend to be a woman? And why did he leave the bottle of spray that contained the same solution that Sanskar and Ragini used to give to Swara?

Lakshya hates Ragini and that’s understandable. He wants Swara back in his life and wants to eliminate Sanskar, her duly wed husband and that’s also understandable.

But why did he use a wig? The long hair of the kidnapper made Ragini believe that it was Swara. Why did Lakshya trap Swara?

Is he trying to take revenge on her for not accepting his proposal again?

We will have to wait and watch.

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