Swaragini: Swara kidnaps Ragini for ruining her image?

Ragini goes missing after being thrown out of the Maheshwari house.

Swaragini: Swara kidnaps Ragini for ruining her image?

Mumbai: Here’s another twist in the tale of Swaragini. The equation between sisters – Swara and Ragini – has turned so sour that they have started hating each other.

Going by the latest promos, we have learnt that Ragini goes missing! But where has she gone? Has she been kidnapped or has she staged her abduction?

Swara has always been extremely supportive of her sister Ragini, who had made an attempt to kill her, to get married to Lakshya. She stood rock solid in Ragini’s defence and fought for her rights. She even requested Lakshya to give Ragini a chance to prove herself.

But Ragini has no regret at all. She continues to ruin her sister Swara’s life.

In Monday’s episode, Swara is seen confronting Ragini for trying to ruin her image and create a misunderstanding between her and her mother-in-law.

Both Lakshya and Sanskar’s mothers believe that Swara is at fault now. Ragini forces them to believe that Swara is two-timing both Sanskar and Lakshya.

Sanskar and Lakshya defend Swara and tell their respective mothers not to misunderstand Swara and her intensions. Ragini seems to have succeeded in her mission to sow the seeds of hatred for Swara in her mother-in-law’s mind.

Soon after Swara asks Ragini to leave the Maheshwari house, the latter goes missing.

And going by the promo it seems that Swara is the one for Ragini’s kidnapping.

But what’s the truth?

Time will tell.

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