Swaragini: Will Ragini kill Sanskar to ruin Swara’s life?

To take revenge from Swara, Ragini plans to kill Sanksar.

Swaragini: Will Ragini kill Sanskar to ruin Swara’s life?

Mumbai: Fans of Swaragini can look forward to some more twists in the tale of two sisters, whose relationship goes awry because of one man - Lakshya.

Ragini, who holds Swara responsible for her sorrow, is reportedly planning to kill Sanskar. She knows that Lakshya will never accept her as his wife and is still head-over-heels for Swara.

But interestingly, Swara isn’t in love with Lakshya anymore. She has categorically made her decision clear that she will never return to his life as his ladylove. Despite Swara’s repeatedly clarifications, Ragini isn’t convinced. On the contrary, the revengeful girl wants to destroy Swara’s life for “snatching” her man from her.

And hence, decides to kill Sanskar, who loves Swara very much. Swara, realises her love for Sanskar and hence doesn’t agree to divorce him (Ragini makes Sanskar believe that Swara is happy with Lakshya. And hence Sanskar decides to sacrifice his love and divorce Swara.)

Reports suggest that Ragini will plant a bomb in Sanskar’s car to eliminate him from Swara’s life. Ragini hatches this nasty plot to make Swara feel the pain she is going through.

Will Swara be able to save Sanskar? Or will Ragini be successful in her mission?

Let’s wait and watch. SwaSan fans, please keep your fingers crossed!

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