Swaragini: Will Swara get back to Lakshya after he rescues her from kidnappers?

Ragini gets caught in her own trap as she unexpectedly brings Lakshya and Swara closer.

Swaragini: Will Swara get back to Lakshya after he rescues her from kidnappers?
A romantic moment between Lakshya and Swara before they were supposed to get married.

Mumbai: Even as Lakshya makes desperate attempts to get back Swara in his life, the lovely girl shows least interest in him. She is deeply hurt because he did not have faith in her and married her manipulative sister Ragini in a fit of rage.

Now that Ragini’s real face is revealed, Lakshya doesn’t want to accept her as his wife but is compelled to live with her, because she has suffered a memory loss.

And since we are very familiar with Ragini’s antics, we know that she is faking loss of memory to forcibly make Lakshya accept her as his wife.

Latest buzz suggests that in one of the upcoming episodes, Swara will get kidnapped. And the mastermind behind the kidnapping could be Ragini. As expected her motive is to separate Swara from Lakshya. But unknowingly, she ends up bringing them closer, speculations suggest.

Lakshya rescues Swara from the kidnappers and ends up spending some moments with her recalling beautiful memories of their past.  This in turn, instigates Ragini, who decides to click pictures of the two together to embarrass them in front of the family members.

But will Swara get back to Lakshya? What will Sanskar, her duly wed husband do, who helped her through thick and thin?

Time alone will tell.

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