Tamara Ecclestone to take on Kim Kardashian with new reality show

London: Tamara Ecclestone is set to wage war on Kim Kardashian with a new reality show next year.

The F1 heiress will ambush the airtime of Kardashian, once she has relocated to the States in 2013, the Sun reported.

Ecclestone is to sign a deal with US producers for a fly-on-the-wall show to rival ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

“Tamara loves America’s buzz and can’t wait to be involved, as well as to have her own TV show again. It will be glitzy and glamorous as she shows her lifestyle on the other side of the pond,” an insider told TV Biz.

“There could be one almighty punch-up once Kim realises she isn’t the only one sharing every aspect of her life on telly,” the source said.

The glamour model - desperate to buy America’s most expensive mansion, the 80-million-pound Fleur de Lys in Bel Air - flaunted her wealth on Channel 5’s ‘Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$ Girl’ last year.