Taylor Swift loves to watch TV inside a cage

London: Country music star Taylor Swift has a special "person-sized" bird cage at home where she loves to sit and watch TV while gorging on her favourite food. The 20-year-old singer recently moved into a house in Nashville and insisted for the birdhouse, which is suspended over her pond in the living room and is her favourite place to snack and catch up on TV shows, Contactmusic reported.

"It`s just fun having the cage," she said. The `Love Story` hitmaker will turn 21 in December which is also the legal age of alcohol consumption in the US but Swift won`t be getting intoxicated as she is afraid of upsetting someone when drunk.

"I don`t drink because I don`t really feel like it. It`s not like I judge people who do or that I don`t hang out with people who drink, I just don`t really feel like it.

I think the reason I haven`t experimented with drinking is that I don`t like to feel like I might say something that could hurt somebody``s feelings. Or I might come off in a way I can`t control," she added.