Teri Hatcher moonlights as sexy cleaner on Desperate Housewives

Updated: Oct 05, 2010, 18:12 PM IST

London: Actress Teri Hatcher’s next role on ‘Desperate Housewives’ will see her moonlighting as a sexy cleaner for voyeuristic website.

Hatcher, 45, strips down to a provocative lingerie set as her character Susan takes on a job tidying apartments for a voyeuristic website va-va-broom.com to make some extra cash on the side, a news daily reported.

The actress is shown erotically polishing candlestick holders and vacuuming in-between bending over and gazing into the camera lens.

But Susan’s new career move is a secret from her cash-strapped husband Mike, who thinks she’s actually selling jewellery instead.

And her secret is almost revealed when Mike comes home early and wonders why his wife is wearing such a racy ensemble.

Luckily Susan manages to subtly close her laptop with her stiletto heel and divert Mike’s attention before he realises what she’s been up to.