TV show to kick off with `Charlie Sheen Episode`

Washington: The 10th and final season of ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’ is returning to the USA Network with a show the producer is calling `Charlie Sheen episode.`

The show`s original stars Vincent D`Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe have returned for the final season. Their ripped-from-the-headlines first show is all about a "train wreck" of a celeb who loves hookers and cocaine.

“A writer came to me with the notion of doing a study of the collateral damage that occurs when a Charlie Sheen-like character exists," quoted LOCI executive producer Chris Brancato as telling The Futon Critic.

"There are multiple people around Charlie Sheen who have reason to want to protect him," Brancato added.

The episode is set in the world of high fashion instead of TV production, and Jay Mohr plays the Sheen-ish character.