When Christina Hendricks felt ``invisible``

London: Curvy Christina Hendricks revealed that she felt ‘invisible’ before she was selected for her role in the hit US drama ‘Mad Men’.

The 35-year-old also admitted that she never felt like she fit in showbiz.

“I’ve never quite felt like I fitted in. It’s as if I was invisible before Mad Men. Now people come up and say: ‘God, I love the show, I’m so-and-so,’ and I’m like, ‘I know, I had dinner with you three years ago’,” The Telegraph quoted Hendricks as saying.

Hendricks didn’t have it easy though, being a size 14 and repeatedly told to lose weight if she wanted to get bigger roles.

The actress has also spoken out about the difficulties she has encountered as a larger woman in Hollywood.

“It is difficult come awards season, and I need to find a gown to walk down the red carpet in, and there are only size zeros and size twos available,” she said.

But on Mad Men, Hendricks is a totally different woman.

“It’s fun to play a woman who’s so sure of herself, who walks around with incredible posture and her chin up,” she said.

“When you put on the girdle and the long-line bra and the pencil skirt and the sweater, you just start walking a different way. That’s just how it is. And when you take it all off, Joan just disappears,” added Hendricks.


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