Why did Sara Khan call Pratyusha Banerjee a back biter?

Bollywood Life| Updated: Sep 24, 2013, 09:35 AM IST

Though the two television actors may have been friends for a long time, it seems reality show Bigg Boss is getting better of their friendship

Just last month, we hear Sara Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee were seen enjoying at the latter’s birthday party. But in the glamour world it doesn’t take much time for things to turn ugly between two friends, hai na? Pratyusha, who is currently an inmate in the Bigg Boss 7 house, said that Sara is her ex-boyfriends best friend and not hers. This didn’t go down well with the former Bigg Boss contestant and she shot back at her once-upon-a-time-friend. “Yes, I was never Pratyusha’s best friend for she would always bitch about me to others. To be honest, she never had friends. Anyone she knew, she would talk bad about me to them and the news would come back to me” said Sara in an interview.

In fact, Prats even told her fellow inmate Kushal Tandon that it was Sara who asked her not to talk to him. But Ms Khan has a different story to stay. Clarifying what she said about Kushal, Sara said, “The real truth is that she would tell us before entering Bigg Boss that Kushal would keep calling her requesting her to be friends before they entered. All I had told her was, if you are not comfortable don’t talk to him, that’s it. She is telling Kushal that I am not comfortable with her talking to him. Why should I have any issue, I have a secure guy since the past one and half year and we are also living in.”

Interestingly, Hazel Keech, who got eliminated from the reality show this week, said that Pratyusha has a tendency of provoking people. Looks like Pratyusha has done her home work well before entering the show. She knows just being a Bigg Boss contestant won’t help her career. Obviously, to grab limelight, she has to make some noise (read controversy). And going by the events unfolding outside and inside the Bigg Boss house, wethinks this lass has succeeded in her mission.

But we still feel bitching about your good friend isn’t the ideal way to go about it! Prats, you already broke-up with your boyfriend Makrand Malhotra and now lost a friend as well. Not worth for any amount of fame, missy!

Namrata Thakker