Why is Ashish Sharma disturbed?

New Delhi: ‘Rab Se Sona Isshq’ lead actor Ashish Sharma is upset how anonymous texts are being sent to the show`s producer, complaining of preferential treatment given to him during the show`s ongoing London shoot.

A unit insider is said to have harboured angst against Ashish, and has been sending texts to Zee TV officials and the producers of the show, insisting that the actor does not deserve any `superstar` perks just because he is an established actor, said a source.

Apart from the time taken to send these daily messages, the number seems to be constantly switched off. As a result, the identity of the person still remains a mystery.

However, Ashish is obviously not too happy about the scene.

"It`s sad to know that someone on the sets is stooping to these low levels. If the person wants to say something to me, I`d appreciate if he or she had the guts to say it to my face," said Ashish, who was previously seen in shows like ‘Gunahon ka Devta’ and ‘Chandragupt Maurya’.

"These under-handed tactics of sending messages to the channel officials and the producer on the sly only speak of the person`s cowardice. But I don`t believe in paying undue attention to such petty people. So, I`m just going to forget about it and do my job," he added.