Wills-Kat look-alikes snug in ‘Big Brother’ palace for launch

London: A couple, the exact look-alikes of Prince William and wife Kate Middleton, have visited the house of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ making almost everyone believe that the show has a royal connection.

Though some initially mistook the snaps as those of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they appeared frolicking on one of the luxury double beds in the bedroom, later on it appeared that the photos represented a couple of doppelgangers.

Some sources even tried to reinstate that they were actual Middleton and Williams.

“Wills and Kate are the most famous stars we have ever had in that house. It’s an amazing coup for us,” a source told the Daily Star.

“There have been a few princesses such as Nikki Grahame and camp queens like Marco the clapping seal over the years. But they pale in comparison to these royals,” the source added.

However, later on it emerged that they were spoof snaps taken by artist Alison Jackson, 41, who specialises in such celebrity shots.

The fun photoshoot was to mark the launch of the show.


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