Would love to get married: Mona Singh

New Delhi: Actress Mona Singh, who has kept mum about her relationship with `Force` actor Vidyut Jamwal, says she would love to get married but is not planning the D-day yet.

The ‘Jassi Jaisi Kaisi Koi Nahi’ star met Jamwal through common friends over a year ago and the duo have been inseparable since.

‘Marriage is an institution I have complete faith in. I see my mom and dad everyday so much in love... I would love to get married but right now I haven`t decided when. These things just happen and I would love to be surprised," Mona told PTI.

Though the 32-year-old has no experience of marriage in real life, she does play a divorcee mother in her TV serial ‘Kya Hua Tera Vada’.

The show, which will complete a year in January 2013, is taking a 10 year leap and will see Mona play a "modern day mother" to two grown up kids. The actress says she is waiting to see how audience will react to the new plot.

"We are taking a 10 year leap, so I am nervous and excited. I am waiting to see how my friends and family react. I play a mother of grown up kids and it is a challenge when I am not even married. As an actor it gives me a high to explore myself," she added.
Mona also says she does not mind playing a 37/38 year old woman on-screen.

"When I started the show Ekta (producer) told me I will be 27/28 so now with a 10 year leap I play 37/38, which is not that old... I don`t have to dye my hair grey and act old. I play a very cool and fashionable mom," Mona said.

Besides small screen, the actress has tried her hand at films as well with a supporting role in Aamir Khan starrer ‘3 Idiots’.

Ask her why she hasn`t done a movie in a long time she says, "After `3 Idiots` all I was being offered was to play similar kind of role, but I can`t play pregnant in every movie it is just stupid. So I didn`t take up any movie."

Mona also said she won`t quit TV for movies as she can balance the two.

"I want to do movies but I won`t quit TV for that. Small screen is where I started, I can never leave it and moreover I can balance both," she said.