Zuckerberg meets Eisenberg on SNL

London: He has won an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in hit `The Social Network` and actor Jesse Eisenberg finally met the original on the comedy show `Saturday Night Live`.

Zuckerberg had flatly refused to co-operate when film bosses put together the Oscar nominated movie, but the young billionaire and Eisenberg made amends by coming face to face for the first time in public.

Showing that he is game for a laugh after all, Zuckerberg appeared alongside the actor on Saturday Night Live to poke fun at the awkward situation, reported Daily Mail online.

During Eisenberg`s opening monologue, he was interrupted by SNL castmember Andy Samberg, who regularly parodies the Facebook CEO in skits.

The pair traded jokes about their "Zuckergberg techniques", before the camera panned to the real deal standing backstage.

Speaking to SNL boss Lorne Michaels, the 26-year-old pleaded to go on stage.

"But I`m the real Mark Zuckerberg. Those guys are such nerds. Come on, I invented poking," said Zuckerberg.

He then joined his impersonators, causing Eisenberg to squirm.

"Wait, have you two not met? Awkberg," Samberg quipped, before making a hasty exit.

The pair played up the awkward encounter with Zuckerberg comically staring his doppelganger down before Eisenberg sheepishly asked him if he "ever ended up seeing the Social Network?"

Getting the Facebook CEO on the skit show was quite a coup for producers, after he angrily lashed out at `The Social Network`s portrayal of him last year.


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