Cinema is not business for me: Rajkumar Hirani

Panaji: Director Rajkumar Hirani, who has successfully mixed entertainment with socio-political issues in his films, says that movies will never be a medium to earn money for him and he does not go by market conventions while writing scripts. "Filmmaking has never ever been a business for me because if it was so I would have made at least five Munnabhai films. But I never go for a film unless I am sure that I connect with the story. I need to enjoy the process," he said in his masterclass on scriptwriting along with Abhijat Joshi at the IFFI.

The 48-year-old director, who has made some of the most successful and thought provoking films - be it his `Lage Raho Munnabhai` on Gandhian ideas or latest `3 Idiots` highlighting problems in our education system, says that he does not stick to formulas while writing scripts because he believes in the free flow of ideas and is always ready to improvise.

"I have always stayed away from formulas as they are very scary and I avoid going by standards because they keep changing.

"I won`t make a film on slums because that is not part of my experience. I take stories from around me and from my life and convert them into movie ideas. When I set out to write a script I don`t think about audience because I am making the film for myself. First, I need to like what I am making, if I start thinking about the reaction of others, it won`t work," he said.

The director took Sanjay Dutt, who had an action hero image and gave him a tapori makeover for `Munnabhai` series. Then he made 44-year-old Aamir play a 20 something college student in `3 Idiots` but Hirani said he never writes his character with particular actors in mind.

"I develop my characters first because if you start writing a story with an actor in mind, his characteristics start influencing you, which is not good. So the story comes first for me," he added.

Hirani said that he is currently working on his next script but hinted that the third Munnabhai film is still a
long way to come.
Abhijat, who has co-written most of Hirani`s scripts
said that they never lock their script till the film is over
and ready for release.
"I remember that the first suicide scene in 3 idiots
had a different story but Hirani was not convinced and then he
came up with the idea of a small chopper fitted with a camera
while reading an newspaper article."
Hirani said that the delivery scene, which became the
climax fo `3 Idiots`, was originally written for his first
film `Munnabhai MBBS` but they finally used it in the Aamir
Khan film.