International Women`s Day: Mallika Sarabhai to dance for women`s justice

Kozhikode: Renowned dancer Mallika Sarabhai will perform a theme dance as part of International Women`s Day celebrations here.

The renowned dancer and social activist is in the city to perform a specially-choreographed theme dance, ‘Women with Broken Wings’ as part of International Women`s Day celebrations Friday organized under the aegis of the Department for Social Justice, Kerala. She will be accompanied by Swiss pianist Elizabeth Sombart.

In response to statistics showing that Kerala, the state with the highest literacy rate, was becoming the state with the fastest growing sex crimes, Sarabhai told reporters in the capital that "for a state that had a strong matriarchal system, this is totally unacceptable".

The artists have dedicated the show to the memory of the billion women tortured, maimed, raped, aborted and killed across the world.