Twitter war between Anupam, Taslima over Rushdie

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: It’s a known fact that Anupam Kher and controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin does not share great vibes. So, when Taslima made a comment about Salman Rushdie’s decision to skip the Jaipur Litfest, a twitter war ensued as Anupam Kher had to give his piece of mind, thereby furthering their bête-noir affair.

When Rushdie said that "paid assassins" were being sent by the Mumbai underworld to eliminate him, Taslima tweeted: "Rushdie apologized to Mullahs & became born again Muslim after fatwa was issued against him. Canceling India trip is his latest cowardly act."

Anupam responded to this tweet and what followed was a twitter battle over whether Taslima should be making such a comment or not.

At the Litfest to launch his book ‘The Best Thing About You Is You, Anupam shared his views about Taslima and said, "I don`t want to give her any importance and, hence, have only posted two tweets and didn`t react to whatever else she has been saying. But I felt her comment is ironical since it comes from a person who hasn`t returned to her country and has taken shelter in India. How can she then question Rushdie`s decision? When she asked me whether writers who are forced to take shelter in another country should shut their mouth and not have any freedom of expression, I posted a tweet saying that she need not shut up but is being judgmental by calling Salman a coward."

Though Taslima went on to ask whether Anupam hadn`t even passed a judgment on anyone`s decision, the actor chooses not to answer her back online. "Taslima has a habit of making a statement about everything. It`s her decision and I`ve no problems with that. Rushdie is no cousin of mine. But I don`t endorse the hypocrisy of someone saying stuff when she doesn`t have the guts to return to the land where there is a threat to her life."

On being told about her open-ended comment that "Chamchas have cow-dung in their heads" could be directed at him, Anupam says, "I chose to ignore. It can be interpreted in many ways. I`ve no problems being called Rushdie`s chamcha or anybody`s chamcha because of speaking my mind."

So, does the actor feel that Rushdie`s decision to skip the Litfest will have a negative impact on India`s image in the global world? "Every country has skeletons in their cupboard. India is the largest democracy and despite everything, we exist together."