Five forms of Krishna
Krishna has a hundred-thousand names and many forms. Sometimes he melts your heart as a baby boy and at other times mesmerises you with his beauty. At one point he is the Jagatguru while at the other he is the lover of many gopis. Which Krishna do you like the most? Click on the thumbs-up sign and tell us your preference.
Bal Krishna
Nand and Yashoda’s foster-son, Krishna was the naughtiest child in the entire village of Gokul. This bundle of joy enchanted one and all with his naughty lilas.
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The reason behind irresistible appeal of the flute playing God lies in the fact that he embodies love at all levels: Spiritual, mental and physical.
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Even when he was a child, Krishna was engaged in slaying of demons and evil characters. He is the cosmic warrior whose mere presence on the side of Pandavas changed the course of Mahabharata
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Ultimately, it was Krishna's brain rather than brawn that made him wiin the many battles and wars of his life. Be it the aiding of Pandavas escape from fires or the blessing to Draupadi by Bhishm, Krishna was the best strategist of all times

His Geeta is probably the best source of wisdom and generations in India and elsewhere swear by it. The gyaan that Krishna gave is said to set sould free.
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