Manish Malhotra to promote Indian crafts, craftsmen at LFW

Mumbai: Celebrity designer Manish Malhotra, known for designing glamorous and stylish outfits for Bollywood actresses, has taken upon himself to promote Indian craft and craftsmen through his collection at the forthcoming Lakme Fashion Week, starting Friday.

"I have always been a part of fashion weeks in Mumbai. As it`s Spring-Summer, the lines would be Indian contemporary evening wear because that`s what my label is all about - glamour and grandeur," Manish, who has titled his collection Indian contemporary evening wear, told reporters.

He has taken 45 girls from veteran actress Shabana Azmi`s NGO Mijwan Foundation for Girl Child to work for his line. He is predominantly using light colours, suitable for summer nights.

"I have adopted 45 girls from the Mijwan Foundation for Girl Child, who will be working with me for one year. They have done the chikankari embroidery (for my clothes)," he said.

Talking about the use of Kashmiri embroidery in his collection, he said: "I was in Kashmir for the film `Rockstar` recently and I found Kashmiri embroidery very inspirational. So, I decided to use a lot of Kashmiri work in my new clothesline. Basically this collection is very Indian and it celebrates Indian crafts and Indian cuts."

The style will be simple and Indian and the colour palette will have cream, ivory, aqua green, powder blue and many other summery night shades.

Malhotra, who has designed outfits for the who`s who of Bollywood, also predicted that 2011 will be the year of simplicity and Indian designs.

"I feel in 2011, clothes will be more simple and Indian styles will be preferred. I feel if you want to look nice, Indian wear can look equally glamorous as compared to cocktail gowns. As far as I`m concerned, I like designing Indian clothes and something that speaks about the culture of India," said the designer.