5 heroic Hollywood movies which were shot inside planes

Here are a few Hollywood movies based on inside-plane drama. 

Updated: Feb 18, 2016, 13:58 PM IST
5 heroic Hollywood movies which were shot inside planes

Not often do we get to watch movies in India which spend a considerable amount of time in a single location. These movies might have small premises, but they have the potential to make a huge impact on the audience. Ram Madhvani's biographical sketch of flight attendant Neerja Bhanot in 'Neerja' promises to impress the audience on a similar note; how far the movie manages to ride high, we will come to know soon.

Portrayed by Sonam Kapoor, 'Neerja' releases on February, 19, 2016. Although this will be one of the few Hindi movies based on a plane – there are plenty of Hollywood movies which have tackled a similar plot. Here's taking a look at these movies:

Flightplan (2005):

A very well etched plot in 'Flightplan' made viewers forget that the whole movie was taking place in just one location. The film impressed audiences with Jodie Foster's performance, and a cleverly placed script.

Flight (2012):

Couldn't have been better unless Denzel Washington played the lead actor. He plays the role of a pilot who saves the plane from crashing. Washington plays his part with great conviction and makes the movie a total winner.

Red Eye (2005):

Here's what makes 'Red Eye' still an airplane based movie: the movie has a great premise starring lead actress Rachel McAdams who stumbles upon this deadly sociopath inside a plane. The movie takes a shocking twist thereafter.

Airport (1970):

This thriller starts off with a gripping plot. Bomber on plane, snow blocked airport and panicking passengers on plane: there's just enough of typical airplane stuff to make this a classic.

Air Force One (1997):

This movie boasts a brilliant portrayal of an in-flight drama. Much of it is owed to Harrison Ford's amazing performance. Performance and plot are its highlights.