Cara Delevingne bags lead role in 'Paper Towns'

ANI| Updated: Sep 17, 2014, 12:30 PM IST
Cara Delevingne bags lead role in 'Paper Towns'


Washington: Cara Delevingne has landed lead in the upcoming film adaptation of John Green 's ' Paper Towns.'

Green, who also scripted 'The Fault in our Stars,' took to Twitter and excitedly shared the news of the 22-year-old Brit model playing the female lead character, Margo Roth Spiegelman, reportedly.

Green wrote that Delevingne's audition for the film, which stars Nat Wolff as the male lead, Quentin Jacobson, "blew everyone away" and that she understood the character intensely.

In the story, the two actors would portray young neighbors who grew apart as they got older, until one night when Margo appears at his bedroom window in a ninja getup and recruits him to get payback on the people who had hurt her. When the next day she disappears, Quentin must to decode clues in order to find her.