Ghayal Once Again: What's 'Sunny' side of it?

Sunny Deol's 'Ghayal Once Again' is on the cards - will he win hearts with his action this time too? 

Ghayal Once Again: What's 'Sunny' side of it?
Pic Courtesy: @Ghayalagain

New Delhi: Good news for those who grew up watching some quality action films of the 1990's and can't wait to have more of such adrenaline-pumping, greasy dialogues spewing and bizarrely intense stares! We do miss them, don't we? After all action is not just about blowing up fancy cars and superhero fights, right?

It would be remiss to talk of action movies and not mention, wait – yes, you guessed right – Sunny Deol! Who can forget those heavy one liners, blood-and-guts action sequences? Sunny Deol's name has been embalmed in the league of powerful action heroes thanks to his signature style of dialogue delivery and the boiling intensity in his eyes.

There's only little doubt that Sunny Deol was, hopefully still is, if he proves that is - the quintessential action stud Bollywood has ever seen.

Rajkumar Santoshi's 'Ghayal' stole many a heart in 1990 and gladly the much awaited sequel is on the cards.

Times have changed, but some classics will always remain close to heart.

Will the sequence 'Ghayal Once Again' manage to win similar reactions this time?

Here's why one must look forward to the movie:

Success of 'Ghayal':

Why to watch it? 'Once again' – that's why. Simple. When 'Ghayal' came in 1990, it remained an influence for almost a whole generation. The whole definition of action drama acquired a new flavour and meaning in Hindi cinema.

Story continues:

Sunny tried his hand in romance, but we choose to remember him for the action. It's simply the aura that the actor has about him which makes him an excellent action hero. We can't wait to see Ajay Mehra continuing the saga as an encounter specialist.

Sunny's direction:

It's the second time the actor will be helming a movie, the first one being 'Dillagi'. Sunny has both written and directed the film while father Dharmendra has produced it like the first one. We are sure Sunny has matured as a director and knows what the audience is looking for.

Sunny's epic dialogue delivery:

The trailer reveals that there will be Sunny's signature style of dialogue delivery – loud and gruelling. We all loved his way of dealing with the baddies and sure can't wait to see some fresh rawness in his dialogues.

Based on real life encounters:

Sources have revealed that the film's story will be based on real life incidents. The story revolves around a single man who is fighting for justice.


In the new 'Ghayal' we will be seeing Sunny combating his enemies not only with his 'dhai kilo ka hath' but also in some racy, modern, car fight sequences. There are some cool action stunts in the trailer and the background score seem equally gripping.


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