Kunal Kapoor takes plunge into scriptwriting

Actor Kunal Kapoor has been writing scripts and he feels now is the time to turn them into films as Bollywood is going through an "exciting" phase.

Kunal Kapoor takes plunge into scriptwriting

New Delhi: Actor Kunal Kapoor has been writing scripts and he feels now is the time to turn them into films as Bollywood is going through an "exciting" phase.

The "Rang De Basanti" star, who is returning to acting with the upcoming satire "Kaun Kitne Paani Mein" after a gap of three years, said he is talking to some directors about developing the stories that he has written.

"In the gap of three years, I had the chance to develop three film scripts with the ideas which I had. I have written them to act in. I have been a writer since I was an assistant director 15-16 years ago.

"I have written a lot and now I feel that time has come to make them into films. I met writers and directors and they were as excited as I was," Kunal told PTI during a visit here.

The actor said he was busy doing his stuff and didn't even realise that he took a break for three years post his last outing "Luv Shav Tey Chicken Khurana".

"The thing is that you can either do all the work that comes your way or you can say that I am going to do only those which excite me. I have chosen to do the latter and that's why it took so long. I was not getting exciting content to be on the sets in these years," Kunal said.

During the three years a lot has changed in the film industry in terms of content in films and many new faces have taken the front seat.

When asked whether he ever felt insecure during his break, Kunal said he has always been a secure actor and never shied away from praising others for their good work. "There has never been any major insecurity and frustration. As long as you are working on yourself and you don't feel like you are wasting time, you feel okay. But there is this feeling 'wow! Wish I had been part of that' when you watch a good film," he said.

In "Kaun Kitne Paanj Mein", directed by Nila Madhab Panda of "I am Kalam" fame, Kunal plays a prince of a small village in Odisha, which faces a water rivalry with the neighbouring rural area.

The newly married actor said he was drawn to his character because it gave him the opportunity to explore a new horizon.

"I am a Bombay boy brought up in Juhu. I have a very myopic sort of world view because that is the world you grow up and feel that is all. It gives me a chance to look at the world with completely new eyes and explore a world which I have never experienced before," he said.

Also starring Saurabh Shukla, Radhika Apte and Gulshan Grover in pivotal roles, "Kaun Kitne Paani Mein" releases this Friday. 

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