Shah Rukh Khan's 'FAN' anthem is everything a true 'Jabra' SRK fan feels!

Shah Rukh Khan's 'FAN' anthem is everything a true 'Jabra' SRK fan feels!
Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

He is perhaps one of the most loved actors Bollywood has ever produced. Despite making us laugh, cry and love him with wide open arms (yes a FAN would do that), still at times we feel Shah Rukh Khan should do something 'new' to change the game. FAN is one such film by Maneesh Sharma which will make the non-SRK fans at least sit and appreciate the kind of effort that has possibly been put to make Gaurav Chanana come alive.

Let's see why this song 'Jabra' or 'FAN anthem' makes every SRK fan jump with joy:

Energy ki dukaan

Before we got to see the every jumping Ranveer Singh, it was Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan who ruled in that department too. His energy is infectious even today at 50, and you can feel it for yourselves while watching 'Jabra FAN'.

Young SRK

You will probably fall in love with this young SRK fan aka Gaurav Chanana, who literally eats, drinks and sleeps SRK. Watch the song and you will know why we say it.


The lyrics by Varun Grover are fresh and peppy. We love the way a fan's point of view has been presented in a song. 'Follow karu Twitter Pe, Tag Karu Facebook Pe Tere Quiz Mein Google Ko Beat Kar Diya'.

Amazing Dance

This is not an essentially dance number but after you watch it, your feet will automatically start tapping. This one we are eagerly awaiting SRK—like a true blue FAN.  

Watch the 'FAN' anthem 'Jabra' song here: