Starring in Star Wars made me object of fantasy: Carrie Fisher

Starring in Star Wars made me object of fantasy: Carrie Fisher

Los Angeles; Carrie Fisher, the actress who portrays Princess Leia in blockbuster franchise "Star Wars", opened up about the struggles she had while portraying the leading lady.

Fisher told new "Star Wars" actress Daisy Ridley in an interview that starring as Leia led her to become the object of fans' obsession, reported Ace Showbiz.

"It's hard to date once you're a big 'Star Wars' star because you don't want to give people the ability to say, 'I had sex with Princess Leia.' Oh, you're going to have people have fantasies about you! That will make you uncomfortable, I'm guessing," Fisher shared.

"They always ask about how you're a sex symbol, and how do I feel about that... I'm not a sex symbol!" Ridley replied.

Fisher also gave some advice for the new actress, telling her not to follow her path of becoming a "slave."

"Don't be a slave like I was... You keep fighting against that slave outfit," she says. Fisher was referring to Leia's outfit she wore in "Return of the Jedi", the classic gold bikini costume that recently sold for USD 96,000 during a memorabilia auction. 

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