Sunny Leone's short-film '11 Minutes' is a 'must watch' - Here's why

Haven't seen Sunny Leone's '11 Minutes' yet? Must watch it soon!

Sunny Leone's short-film '11 Minutes' is a 'must watch' - Here's why

New Delhi: If you remember reading Paulo Coelho's popular novel 'Eleven Minutes' – you would probably get a faint idea of what this short movie '11 Minutes' is all about. But interestingly, this short-film, unlike Coelho's book, takes a different path and opens up an often shunned, yet more relevant issue of smoking and its health hazards.

What truly makes this short-film one of its kinds, however, is the way in which the director has carefully dealt with the sensitive issue by avoiding any moral policing and showed in a light, comical manner what smoking can do to one.

Soon as the movie begins we are shown scenes from a village and the inside of a house where Deepak Dobriyal – is shown bed-ridden and dying of a terminal illness. Knowing the unavoidable fate of his son, Alok Nath, who plays the father, tries his best to make sure his dying son gets whatever he wants in his limited period of lifetime. Irrespective of the fact that Alok plays the part of a sanskari father, he succumbs to his dying's son's last wish – to marry Sunny Leone!

The movie is shot beautifully, and kudos to the maker for using the flickering bulb as a symbolic representation of Deepak's state of health. Sunny Leone makes a wonderful entry and though she has no dialogues – she has managed to perform her little part with much conviction. Before we are shown anything much – whoosh! The bulb fuses – if you know what that could mean.

'11 Minutes' has undoubtedly managed to raise the key question here: Are we willing to give up the precious 11 minutes of our lives which can cost us our last wish for a smoke?

Perhaps you would like to rethink, and Sunny Leone has a message for you in the end. Although there are a number of videos in the social media, this short video is sure to leave some impact on the youth at least who seem to be consumed by smoking. Sunny Leone has truly lived to her promise of doing something completely different and meaningful from her last sex comedy.

Deepak who rose to fame with 'Tanu Weds Manu' series has certainly played the role of a sick, dying man perfectly. Although the cast is an amalgamation of actors from different zone of Bollywood and generation, '11 Minutes' truly has the potential to captur the hearts many. Watch it, and take the message seriously. If you don't intend to quit smoking, watch it still, for the mere sincerity of the cast will definitely leave an imprint.