Why Akshay Kumar's 'Airlift' could be a great film to watch

Find out why 'Airlift' could be one of Akshay Kumar's best flick. 

Why Akshay Kumar's 'Airlift' could be a great film to watch

New Delhi: Akhsay Kumar – the Khiladi of Bollywood has the reputation of being the action stud of Hindi films. There is little doubt that Akshay has the potential to raise the bar of a movie by simply being a part of it! It's quite true, considering the amazing and high ranging gamut of films that he has done. Akki is probably one of those actors who could nail any script given to them.

The actor who has done justice to different roles in movies with themes on based comedy, romance and action, will be seen next in Raja Krishna Menon's action thriller 'Airlift'.

The film is based on the true events that chronicled during the evacuation of Indians strangled in Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait war in 90's.

The first teaser of 'Airlift' was packed with boiling intensity, thrill, and drama.

It's time now to find out why this movie could be one of Akki's most awaited movie. Read on:

The theme and plot

It's like a fresh breeze of air to have an intense thriller based on true events with a theme different than just romance. We all know how much Indian audience love masala laced romantic and comedy movies. However, it's been quite some time since we had a movie based on an international event of importance.

A neatly etched teaser

A teaser or trailer is like the cover page of a book, and likewise, the first teaser of 'Airlift' which released a while ago, only heaved our expectations with its pace and a quick glance at the movie's plot. No wonder, the first look of the teaser could draw in a lot of viewers – considering how gripping it is.

It's Akshay, of course!

We have seen him in ‘Baby’, ‘Special Chabbis’, ‘Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ and of course the recent – 'Singh is Bliing'. We know he can play a string of different characters, and he can slip into various shoes with ease. However, we do crave at times, to watch the star do some raw, intense sequences. 'Airlift' makes us hope, we will get to see that soon.

True heroism:

This movie will show the Indian Government in a different light. Not the shady, corrupt one we are so used to these days. It could be refreshing to acknowledge what the government did for its people back then. A piece of lesson on History for sure!

Nimrat Kaur:

Akshay Kumar will be seen opposite Nimrat Kaur. Nimrat Kaur was last seen in 'The Lunchbox'. The movie had garnered critical acclaim. However, 'The Lunchbox' was based on an offbeat theme. With Menon's 'Airlift', we can only wait to watch how the actress pulls off the role in this thriller flick.  

The movie is expected to hit the theaters on 22 January, 2016.  


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