Crowdfunding on Sricharan`s mind for music album

IANS| Updated: Nov 08, 2013, 14:36 PM IST

Chennai: Tamil rapper-singer Sricharan Kasturirangan`s latest Hip-Hop single `Hipnatic`, a rendition of Hip-Hop and Carnatic music, has been received well. Now, he plans to work on the rest of the album through crowdfunding.

"We have already received inquiries about how we plan to work on the rest of the album. While some deals may be worked out, we are also thinking of crowd funding as an option. But before that we need to get popular and have people follow us," Sricharan said.

"The rest of the album will also have an influence of Carnatic music," he said.

Known for his rap portions in `Chennai Express`, Sricharan has also rapped in regional films such as `Ko` and `Killi Poyi`.

Crowdfunding is gradually picking up momentum in the country. Recently, a Kannada independent film titled `Lucia`, which was welcomed with open arms in cinemas, raised over Rs.50 lakh through investment from public.