It's difficult to listen to Amy's songs: Mitch Winehouse

It's difficult to listen to Amy's songs: Mitch Winehouse


London: Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, says he finds it difficult to listen to his daughter's music because it upsets him.

Mitch confessed he often gets upset if he plays Amy's albums 'Back to Black' and 'Frank' because he still finds it hard to accept that she is gone, reportedly.

"I find it difficult to listen to her albums, it's upsetting. I like listening to the stuff that I discovered like 'When My Eyes' and 'Fool's Gold'. I loved the stuff she did will Jools Holland and Paul Weller, those are great. Vocally she was at her finest," he said.

Mitch says Amy's influence can be found on his new LP as many of the tracks were chosen by her for inclusion on his debut album 'Rush of Love'.

"When Amy and I did the first album and we chose the songs, a lot of the songs we chose didn't go on that album and are on this new record. We had like 40 songs - actually it was more like 50 songs - picked out. I think the tracks on this album are the better songs."

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