Navratri special: These Top 10 'Mata Ki Bhente' will make you sing 'Jai Mata Di'!

The holy festival of Navratri has come, when the devotees lavishly celebrate nine days and nights of prayer and fasting. This is the time to feel immensely purified by Durga Bhakti.

Navratri special: These Top 10 'Mata Ki Bhente' will make you sing 'Jai Mata Di'!
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New Delhi: The holy festival of Navratri is just around the corner, it is that time of the year when devotees lavishly celebrate nine days and nights of prayer and fasting. This is the time to feel immensely purified by Durga Bhakti.


We all remember these legendary singers like Narendra Chanchal, Lakhbir Singh Lakha, etc when it comes to singing famous Mata ki bhente (Devotional songs of the Goddess).

So, it's that time of the year when everyone wants to get immersed in the bhakti of Sherawali Mata and rejoice the nine days of holy festival. Check out these top ten Mata ki bhente:

We accept the fact ''Tere Darbar Mein Maiya Khushi Milti Hai''

We all accept the fact that real happiness is found only in being close to the Almighty, so get soaked in the festival of Navratri with this epic bhent sung by the legendary Lakhbir Singh Lakha.

Please Goddess Durga with ''Mere Ankhiyaon Ke Samne Hi Rehna O Sherawali Jagdambe''

Keep Mata Rani right in front of your eyes this Navratri, with this humble bhent. Celebrate the nine-day long festival with sheer devotion and like every mother even the Durga Maa will forgive all your sins.

Simply please her with all your heart- ''Muje jaan ke apna hi balak, sab bhul tu meri bhula dena...''!

Ask Her to let you in ''Mehranwaliye Maaye Boohe Mandiraan De Khol''

When it comes to Mata ki bhente, how can we forget the veteran singer Narendra Chanchal? Simply request Mehranwaliye Maaye to open Her gates for you... and She indeed will welcome you with open arms.

Call Shera wali Mata by requesting ''O Jungle Ke Raja''

This is a must in every Mata ka Jagrata. We all can see that little Mata Rani coming, riding on tiger's back when this pleasing bhent starts ''O jungle ke raja... Meri Maiyya ko leke aaja''!

Remember Mata Rani is always there ''Mera Kisse Na Pucheya Haal Maa''

Remember there's someone right up there who is always keeping an eye on you. So don't you ever feel alone, for Durga Maa is your guardian.

Even if you are broken, then simply gather strength with this soothing Mata ki bhent- ''Mera Kisse Na Pucheya Haal Maa... Menu laa charan de naal Maa''!

Groove to the tunes of bhakti with ''Hey Naam Re Sabse Bada Tera Naam'' 

Dandiya is a must in Navratri and here is the apt bhent to perform dance for Goddess Durga. So get dressed up in colourful attires, along with those dandiyas to perform on the Navratri night.

Groove in the holy devotion of Durga Maa.

Show Durga Maa's generosity with ''Woh Hain Jag Se Bemisaal''

Show the world how generous Sherawali Maa is with this sacred bhent- ''Vo hai kitni deen dayal... sakhi me tujhe kya batlau''

Love Mata Rani with all your heart and you'll be loved back- ''Koi kami nahi hai dar Maa ke jake dekh... pal bhar me bharegi jholi tu jholi falla ke dekh''

Embrace Mata ka darbaar's beauty ''Pyara Saja Hai Tera Dwar Bhawani''

Embrace the beauty of Mata ka darbaar and sing for Her glory with this devotional bhent- ''Pyara saja hai tera dwar bhawani... tere bhakton ki lagi hai kataar bhawani''

You know it's Vaishno Devi when ''Chalo Bulaway aya hai''

Don't wait for the invitation, rather go grab the opportunity to visit Vaishno Mata this Navratri. Remember ''Rasta dekh rahi hai Mata... apne aankh ke taron ka''

Simply start your holy journey to Vaishno Devi with this devotional bhent and hail ''Jai Mata Di kehte jaao ane jane walon ko... chalte jaao tum mat dekho apne paau ke chalon ko''!

Move on with the flow of Mata ki bhakti ''Tune Mujhe Bulaya Sherawaliye''

Navratri is surely incomplete without this divine bhent. Beautifully sung by Mohammed Rafi and Narendra Chanchal, the bhent itself proves that devotion has nothing to do with religion. Anyone can pay a visit to Mata ke darbaar and seek Her blessings.

This bhent will definitely make you want to visit Vaishno Mata in Katra. So hail with fellow devotees 'Jai Mata Di'!

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