`Deep India` will appeal to youngsters: Rahul Sharma

New Delhi: Santoor player Rahul Sharma has collaborated with international musician Eric Mouquet on new album ‘Deep India’ and is confident that the music will attract a lot of youngsters.

A part of Mouquet`s ‘Deep Forest’ initiative, ‘Deep India’ aims at bringing together folk music of the country with electronic western music.

"I think it is going to appeal to a lot of younger listeners because the way the sound is designed it is very electronic and groovy. At the same time it has sounds from India. I am hoping that Indian as well as international listeners feel that this album has more depth to it than a regular fusion album," Sharma said.

The 40-year-old says he went to various parts of the country to bring together raw folk music.

"In `Deep India`, I have folk music from all over India. From Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Punjab, Assam to Maharashtra. There are some sufi singers from Punjab, there are some rare instruments that are played in Rajasthan, the bihu traditional folk of Assam. I have some melodies of my own on santoor," Sharma said.

"The entire thing has come across very interesting and I think folk from all over India, along with santoor and electronic music will be featured in this album," he added.

According to the musician, this album will help Indian music reach global platform.

"When Indian sounds go global, it is a matter of pride because an ordinary singer sitting in Assam singing bihu or an artist in Rajasthan playing a fluke will be heard in this album and it will be going international. I think it is a great way to take Indian music global," he said.

The album, which has eight songs, is an equal balance of Indian and western music, says Sharma.

"I have added a strong Indian music with my santoor. I have done around 50 per cent of entire production and Eric has done the rest of 50 per cent and he has also kept in mind not to exceed or add too much of western influence and there is balance," Sharma said, who`s father Shivkumar Sharma, too, is a santoor maestro.

‘Deep India’ will release Jan 5.


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