`Jalebee Cartel` all set to wow at Youth Olympics

New Delhi: They look like a bunch of crazy youngsters and go by strange names but the music band `Jalebee Cartel` is all set to rock at the Singapore Youth Olympics.

The four-member group believes that winning the much acclaimed South-Asian musical reality show `Sutasi` gave them the necessary fillip in bagging the prestigious project.

"The government of Singapore invited us to play. We went to play for the reality show Sutasi. It was an Asia wide search. That`s how we became a part of the youth Olympics from August 14-26," said G-Force Arjun, who handles laptop Mixing and Syths for the band.

The popular electronic-techno band recently won the prestigious Promax and RAPA (Radio and TV Advertising Practitioners Association of India) awards and have also
had their tracks featured on BBC.

From singing and dancing to composing and doing live performances, the band has multiple talents to it and they are now looking forward to redefine India`s reckoning in the International electronic music circuit.

The journey from being independent DJs to the Olympics has not been a cakewalk though.

"It`s not like one fine day Jalebee emerged from the ground. Last 15 years have gone working to get this far," he added.

The band boasts of a rich repertoire of clients like MTV and Nokia, for whom they have composed music.

Maintaining their unconventional streak, they became the first band in India to release their album `One Point Nothing` on USB Memory last year. They are now planning to release their latest album, `EthnoTechno-Revolution Rising Vol`.

Ash Roy, the vocalist of the band says, "We had to target India. That`s why we did the album last year."

"Once we did it all the record companies in India are releasing commercial music on memory cards. We always wanted to do something that other people are not doing. At the end of the day, who listens to music on CD anymore?," adds G-force Arjun.

130 gigs in a spree last year, so what`s more in store?

"The industry is increasing. The whole world is taking notice of India. The money that the sponsors are putting in, money that the companies are putting in (is increasing). People are listening to new music," insists Vagale.

The band is now all set to perform at the super club Paradiso Amsterdam which boasts of acts by big names like Rolling Stones, Pink Flyod and U2.



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